Chilling Moments

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Tom Brady’s stunning 39-yard touchdown pass gives Buccaneers 21-10 halftime lead

Tom Brady has done it again. After Aaron Rodgers threw a rare Lambeau Field interception, the Buccaneers took advantage to extend their lead just before halftime. Tampa Bay took a

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‘Male’ vs ‘female’ brains: Having a mix of both is common and offers big advantages

From advertising to the workplace, it is often assumed that men and women are fundamentally different—from Mars and Venus, respectively. Of course, we all know people who are more androgynous,

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Boeing says its fleet will be able to fly on 100% biofuel by 2030

Boeing Co said on Friday it will begin delivering commercial airplanes capable of flying on 100% biofuel by the end of the decade, calling reducing environmental damage from fossil fuels

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The fight to make Netflix and Hulu pay cable fees

Streaming services are slowly turning into cable TV — complete with bundles, an ever-growing list of channels, and a reinvented TV guide. And a series of lawsuits could portend the

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Dad, 42, ‘who fatally shook baby daughter when she wouldn’t stop crying’

A dad murdered his baby daughter by violently shaking her to death after having a “difficult afternoon looking after her” when she would not stop crying, a court heard. Philip

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