Chilling Moments

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Duce Staley asks Eagles to let him out of his contract

Duce Staley interviewed for the Eagles’ head coaching job in 2016 before they hired Doug Pederson. He interviewed for the offensive coordinator position in 2018 before the Eagles hired Mike

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Precise mapping shows how brain injuries inflict long-term damage

Researchers have shown how forces acting on the brain during traumatic injury are linked to damage seen years after the initial trauma. The findings, from a cross-disciplinary team at Imperial

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Netflix confirms Shuffle Play feature will officially launch this year

Netflix’s Shuffle Play feature, which the company was spotted testing last year, is getting a widespread launch in the first half of 2021. Variety reports the company made the announcement

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Parents pay tribute to ‘wonderful’ teen who died after allergic reaction to nuts

The devastated parents of a teenager who died from a severe allergic reaction to nuts have paid tribute to their “wonderful” daughter Ellen Raffell, 16, was at home with her

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