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Mountain View, California-based giant Google will launch Android 12 as this year’s primary mobile operating system. Last week, we had gotten our first alleged look at what the next Android version may look like via leaked images from a document. The mock-up images hinted at a major visual overhaul along with some other new features and improvements. In this article, we tell you what to expect from the next Android version from Google.

One of the most evident change revealed in the images last week was the in-depth theming system for Android 12. The mock-up images from last week show a sand-coloured system theme being pulled from a similar-coloured wallpaper of hills and dunes. The more aggressive theming, according to reports, should allow users to change accent colours in not just the Android system UI but also in third-party apps. This system has been available in Android with custom ROMs, but this is the first time Google may bring in-depth theming as a stock Android feature.

Another feature that is reportedly making its way to Android 12 is scrolling screenshots. This feature, like the one in iOS 14, will allow users to take screenshots of bigger pages easily, without having to take separate screenshots and stitching them together. The rolling screenshots feature was expected to arrive with Android 11 as well initially, but Google skipped scrolling screenshots in last year’s Android version due to unknown reasons.

Another feature already available in iOS 14 and reported to make its way to Android smartphones with Android 12 is privacy indicators. These are visual cues (usually blips on the notification bar) that inform users when an app is using their camera or microphone. While Android does alert users on their camera or microphone being used by an app, it comes as a written alert as of now. With Android 12, Google is said to take a more subtle approach, similar to the one present on iOS 14 and MIUI 12.

Android widgets are also reported to get a makeover with Android 12. While there isn’t much information around the updated widgets, last week’s mock-up images showed new Conversation widgets that included latest calls, messages, or other interactions from favourite contacts. According to reports, Conversations is expected to be an essential part of the Android 12 update.

Apart from the theming, Conversations, and privacy indicators, Android 12 is also reported to decouple emojis from Android system updates. This will allow Android users access to the latest emojis without requiring a system update.

There are reports about an app hibernation feature as well in Android 12 that is said to help free up space on an Android smartphone by automatically clearing cached files. The feature, according to reports, may also be able to delete apps if they are not used for a long time.